Bluetooth Calming Sleep Mask

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Are you awake late at night, feeling tired but still unable to fall asleep?

Over the years, our team has worked to design and build a product that will help you sleep peacefully. It helps you put your mind at ease and has inbuilt music to relax your brain. 

Our Calming Sleep Mask is convenient to use and is designed to provide maximum comfort while you sleep.

Benefits of Calming Sleep Mask

✔ Fall Asleep Faster, Stay Asleep Longer & Wake Up Refreshed  

✔ Get a Good Night’s Sleep Naturally Without Medication 

✔ Reduces Ambient Noise, Conversations, Traffic Sounds & Snoring

✔ Proven to Cure Chronic Insomnia

✔ Relieves Stress by Listening To Your Favourite tunes, Soothing Meditation Sounds, Sleep Enhancing Rhythms, Audiobooks and Many More

✔ Recommended by Leading Somnologists across Australia

✔ Australian Owned & Operated

About Our Calming Sleep Mask

The Calming Sleep Mask is made out of a soft cotton material that wraps around your head comfortably.

This Calming Sleep Mask includes built-in Bluetooth headphones to help you fall asleep faster. It allows for adequate ventilation and, because it covers your eyes, it promotes deeper sleep by blocking out ambient light.

Sleep better with our Bluetooth Calming Sleep mask.

Struggling to sleep?

Sleep deprivation has long term detrimental effects on the human body and puts your physical health at risk. Lack of sleep can negatively impact short term and long-term memory. It also weakens our immune system. It will affect our day-to-day activities and may result in weight gain as well. 

It has been scientifically proven that roughly 62% of adults worldwide feel that they don't sleep well when they go to bed. Losing just one or two hours of sleep per night can have the same impact on motor and cognitive functions as going without sleep for a full day or two. Take charge of your life and seize the day. Imagine how you would feel if you were full of energy and productive throughout the day.

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