Medical Pain-Relief Compression Socks

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Are you having struggle with swelling and soreness in your feet?

Our Compression Socks help provide relief to pains associated with blood clots, shin splints, fatigue and chronic pain. 

Some of the pre-existing conditions that people are unaware of are Varicose veins which cause muscle cramping in the foot, Venous Leg ulcers which might develop after a minor injury and also Deep vein thrombosis which results in blood clot and soreness. All these conditions when ignored have the potential to cause serious complications in your foot.  

Compression socks improve blood circulation in the legs, which helps to prevent pain, provide extra support, and reduce inflammation.

The product is a straightforward solution that addresses all of the issues associated with foot pain.

How it works?

Our Compression Socks apply pressure to the legs and ankles, reducing the diameter of major veins and allowing blood to flow upward toward the heart while preventing blood from refluxing downward to the foot.

The pressure created by these socks improves blood vessel function. The arteries that transport oxygen-rich blood to the muscles can relax, allowing blood to flow more freely.


✔ Helps Soothe & alleviate inflammation

✔ Promotes faster blood circulation

✔ Provides a uniform compression

✔ Maximum comfort 

✔ 100% customer satisfaction

✔ Australian owned & Operated

Dangers associated with foot Pain

Lymphedema refers to swelling that occurs in either of the legs which causes discomfort or the feeling of heaviness and when unattended can lead to serious infections.

General leg soreness from long hours of walking or standing can cause blisters and other infections. These socks can improve blood flow, which may eradicate such conditions from arising.

Shipped from our warehouses in NSW Australia 

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